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Dance Party Fitness with Angie  Pre-recorded classes will be

available very soon.

These will be posted on a Saturday and a Sunday for 24 hours allowing you to dance at home whenever is best for you.

Once these are available, there will be a link below, that will take you to my Pre-recorded class. You will then need to register and pay, which will unlock the class. 

Some students are not able to get to my classes as they live too far away, or they work different shifts. Uploading Pre-Recorded classes allows anyone and everyone to access my classes.

These classes are specially created to make you feel like they were made for you!

They are filled with lots of uplifting music that is guaranteed to make you move.

Push your sofa to the side, grab yourself a drink, and enjoy.

My aim is to ensure you have fun!

I love being able to see students enjoying the classes, and seeing 

those big smiles so please feel free to take a selfie and tag us on 

social media.


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