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  • Do I need to have previous dance experience to take part?
    Certainly not! These dance classes have been created to allow anyone and everyone to be able to take part. It doesn't matter if you have two left feet and no coordination, as long as you move, and have fun, you will pick it up in no time.
  • I am worried that everyone will be looking at me, can I stand at the back?
    Absolutely! some of the students will always have their favourite spot at the back, and some start at the back, and after a few months, they are in the front row. You move at your own pace and don't feel pressured to do anything you don't want to do.
  • I have an injury, can I modify the moves?
    Yes please do. Please let me know at the beginning of the class if you have an injury that you need to go careful of, and I will show you how you can modify certain movements. You will also fill out a Par-Q form bat the beginning of the class that I keep.
  • How can I pay for classes?
    You can pay online by booking on the relevant page for the class you desire. You can pay through pay pal or credit card.
  • Why can you no longer pay in cash?
    Before Covid, I prided myself on being one of the very few pay on the day classes, but this situation has been and eye opener for many small businesses on how they need to change going forward. As I hire the lovely hall space for these classes, I must ensure that I can pay for the hire fee. Covid changed the way our booking worked. Previously, you would be able to just turn up , but now there are number limits and wait lists for people who did not get a space. Booking and paying at the same time, enables me to ensure I can cover my cost, but also enables you to cancel when you need to , allowing the space to open for other people, thus ensuring I don't lose a paying customer. I would love to continue the way we previously ran but this is the easiest way to ensure I can keep running these classes for you all.
  • What if I need to cancel?
    This is perfectly fine, all we ask is that you try to cancel your booking at least 2 hours before the class so that we can allow other members to join. You can cancel your booking through the app, or cancel in the bookings section on your members profile.
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