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Who is Hannah?


Hello! I am your dance fitness instructor at Dance Party Fitness.

I am licenced in Zumba, Zumba gold and Broadway Boogie.


I am 28 years old and engaged to my wonderful fiancé Andrew who

you will also sometimes see at our classes dancing away in the front

row! I follow a Plant-Based diet and try to live an Eco-friendly life,

to the best of my ability. I am currently working full-time and this

is my “side hustle” as they call it now days.


I have been on my own weight loss journey and lost a total of 3 stone.

This was mainly achieved by going to the gym and training but, I was always

looking for something more fun. Weight loss doesn’t happen in a straight line and

there are many ups and downs. The gym can become tiresome and repetitive.

This is where Dance Fitness came into my life. I have my Teacher Adham to thank, for introducing me into this awesome community of people.



Becoming a Zumba instructor was always on my to-do list, and to this day I don’t know why it took me so long. I completed my Personal training Level 2 and immediately knew what was next for me, Zumba. I fell in love with Zumba and everything it stands for. I love how freeing it is and how I never find myself looking at the clock, until it is time to go home. I have always aspired to be in a position where I can help others. This was why I wanted to be an instructor, not just because of my love for fitness but my love for helping others achieve their goals. I felt it’s where I needed to be. I wanted to create my own class and give back to others contributing to their enjoyment. When I see my students faces light up, it fills me with joy.


Broadway Boogie

I am now also licenced to teach a brand-new fitness class called Broadway Boogie, which encompasses everything I love: Musicals, dance and fitness all into one! 



Once you have met me, you will realise that I am very excitable, and a big chatter box, sorry in advance! I care a lot about my students and do everything I can to make sure everyone is comfortable. I am not just there to stand in front of the room and instruct, I am there for support if you ever need it. If it’s your first time, its free so come along and pop your head in. I look forward to meeting you! 

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